personal projects

various projects in various states

compare letterboxd watchlists with up to 3 friends to find a movie you're all eager to watch!

find people in your area to play d&d with. [in progress][nuxt+express+postgres]

share and curate homebrew items, characters, and campaigns for d&d 5e. [in progress]


part of a react+redux tutorial. nominally "helps developers connect." i disagree with many of the design decisions but figured it'd be smarter to focus on building other things instead of working on those issues. i'll make a writeup about that in the future and will link to it here. [stable][react+express+mongo]


the scss framework used to style this site. [in progress]


i contribute to wikipedia as a copy editor and as a wikimedia r&d volunteer, working with wikimedians to add structure to wikipedia's data. you can find me on wikipedia at flowers4machines

this website

gatsby with a mix of jsx and markdown files, deployed automatically via netlify.


consulted on/helped prototype the new stack for, currently working on a team to develop a migration generator for knex and objection, designed an interface for the abandoned TRANSPOSE app.