this is mostly for me, so i remember all the stuff i've done, but if you're looking to hire me, then it's for you too. for a more readable, shorter version, check here

developer @ 221b llc (2018-current)

work on product design, UI design, front-end development with ember and vue

build out backends with node, express, postgres, and elasticsearch

junior dev @ center for open science (2017-2018)

worked on the r&d team

specialized in rapid prototyping of ember+django apps to secure funding for cos

bartender @ the bebedero (2016)

learned how to make a damn good drink. turns out tequila can be extremely good. who knew. spent a lot of time meeting and talking to strangers. i appreciated how quick the feedback loop was. you mess up, you fix it, you don't do it wrong again, all in the span of 10 minutes

dev intern @ center for diabetes technology (2015)

helped build android modules that delivered boluses of insulin in different patterns for artificial pancreas r&d

student @ uva (2013-2017)

bachelors in computer science and cognitive science, was so close to that english minor but it wasnt worth taking medieval lit. dropped out of the poetry program to pick up cogsci. dipped my toes into neurobiology and linguistics. got an a+ in undergrad and grad algorithms, ta'd for artificial intelligence